Why Windows 8 Sucks

windows_8_sucks1_2720714After giving windows 8 a test drive during the developmental stage, I found windows 8 to be very different than the normal windows OS we all know. The UI named “Metro” seems to have been developed for touch devices such as Tablets. I decided i would wait, and see what Microsoft did with the scathing reviews it’s received before actually publishing an account of the horrible OS’s UI Design.

Now that Windows 8 has reached RTM release, it appears Microsoft’s answer to the public outcry is ” GO SUCK IT! ” The hideous UI is not only in place, and virtually unchanged from development versions, but now there appears to be no way, short of installing third party software, to get a real desktop UI like that or every other version of windows used on desktops to date.The failed tablet-based UI also has several non-conventional methods to navigation.

  • No X or file > exit to close open panels
  • No easy way to personalize the UI
  • The desktop is actually just an app, not a real desktop with a start menu
  • The scroll wheel counter-intuitively, scrolls you side to side
  • Closing a window means holding your mouse at the top, waiting for a hand icon, then dragging down off the screen. No telling if it actually closes
  • All media, multimedia, photos, etc complain about not being able to sign into Xbox Live!

Not only has Microsoft dropped the ball with the UI, they have also decided to try with every tactic in the book short of breaking the user’s legs to force them into using their new ” Microsoft Account” system as a sign-in. Unless the unwary user reads the fine print, he or she will be duped into utelizing this feature. While I agree the feature sounds nice on the surface, it brings to bear several security issues. If the new Microsoft account system is anything like it’s hotmail service, which i have a sneaky suspicion it’s hotmail in disguise, then the users of windows 8 that utilize the account sign-in system will be in severe trouble.

Hotmail as many people know has been hacked, infiltrated, brute forced, and exploited for years by scammers using the hotmail login to send mails, or instant messages to the hacked account’s contact list claiming ” help I’ve been kidnapped! ” or ” I’m stranded ” then urging the contacts to send “X” amount of dollars to some western union account. With Windows 8’s new sign-in feature, a hacked Microsoft Account can literally be used to exploit, or even gain control of the user’s PC and hold them ransom now. If not that, then the personal information contained within the browser history, website sign-in storage, or other such information is readily available to anyone with the sign in.

As if any of this wasn’t enough, Microsoft has taken it upon themselves to install Bing, we knew that would be coming as a search preference for internet explorer, but to actually install Bing as a software app right on the first panel the user sees?

Microsoft’s crowning achievement? All multimedia screens, including games, photos, videos, and music will complain about not being able to sign into Xbox live if you use the Local Login feature instead of the Microsoft account Login.. Every time.. Someone’s pushing Xbox live huh?

But wait, There’s more! If you are currently a windows 7 pro, or ultimate, you can ONLY upgrade to windows 8 pro, if you have any other version of windows 7 you will need a new install disk to get windows 8 pro. Also, if you are using windows 7 pro or ultimate, you cannot upgrade to windows 8, you are forced to windows pro.

So my advice to anyone wishing to upgrade to windows 8 on a desktop PC without touch capabilities…. DON’T!  Think along the lines of Windows ME. Like Windows ME, Windows 8 appears to be a cobbled together new attempt at an OS, with little to no regard for the user’s experience, and absolutely no regard for their input. I have a feeling a year or so after the sales show windows 8 as a failure, Microsoft will reintroduce it with another name, and a windows 7 like UI. So save your money, and wait for the re-launch.

Tablet users, feel free to use windows 8, as it appears to be designed for touch devices. Although i have an idea that tablet folks will frown on it’s rudimentary design as well.

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