Wasted Time.

Hourglass-CloseupWasting Time on the internet…

It has come to my attention that many of you on Facebook are searching for something to do with your time. The reason i say this, is you spend hours every day, frittering away valuable time on the internet. You accomplish nothing more than entertaining yourself, passing the time, gossiping about celebrities, and reposting the same memes that have made their circulation on Facebook hundreds of times.

So today, i’m going to challenge you.
I’ going to show you a way of wasting your time that might actually be beneficial to someone other than yourself.

Today i’m going to tell you, that we need much more of this type of entertainment:

And much much less of this type of entertainment:

When you see what a few young people can do to not only entertain themselves, but others, and create something positive with their own self entertainment, you will be ashamed that you offer so little of your precious time, the time you throw away following celebrities on facebook, and twitter.

I hope you accept my challenge. I hope you decide that your wasted time can be better used, and still entertaining, as well as much more fulfilling than any digital reproduction of reality can hope to achieve.

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