Tuna safe Dolphin Nets

Ever wonder why they make  ” Dolphin-safe-tuna-nets ” and not the reverse?
I have. It came to me as a concept several years ago, when I first started seeing all of these ASPCA and Humane Society television advertisements.

While I don’t wish to ruffle feathers, and I certainly have no desire to see dolphins slaughtered wholesale. I do feel a moment needs to be set aside to discuss the non-cute animals these organizations seem to disregard.

While animal activists have a long standing history of spray painting fur coats, and plastering the television, billboards, and other such advertisement media with slogans, signs, and graphic images of cute little animals getting mistreated or harmed. They tend to shy away from the very animals that are harmed on a daily basis for human consumption.

Let’s take a look at the life of the mundane every day cattle. They are bread through artificial insemination most times. Kept penned in, given growth hormones, some are bread to produce more milk, some more beef. Ever day these cattle are slaughtered for meat. Yet i see no advertisements for saving the noble cow. I see no 30 minute advertisement on television proclaiming cattle deserve the right to roam the countryside unmolested for the entirety of their lives.

What about the Tuna, crabs, Pollock, shrimp and lobster? Don’t they have the right to be free as well? Does the ASPCA and Humane society feel their numbers merit being hunted and slaughtered? Or do they simple feel these animals aren’t ” cute ” enough to deserve recognition for their plight?

I constantly see dogs, cats, and other small furry cute animals on my facebook page. Images linked by others, in a determined effort to save these poor little cute fuzzy animals from harm, abuse, or food. Yet i have never seen anyone link to me an image of a clam with a broken shell, and an attached sob story about how the clam was neglected, or raised on a clam-farm, mistreated by being tied up in net-sacks with millions of other clams. Nope.. Not once.

It seems to me, the Hypocrisy of these ” humane ” people, starts when the animal isn’t cute. I mean really. Would these people be posting images, linking sad stories of neglect, and donating millions of dollars to a ” save the mouse ” fund? I think not. Which to me is quite odd, as the humble little mouse fits the criteria of a small, fury, and cute animal.

So the next time you see a sad story in the media about a mistreated animal, and you feel your heart strings being tugged on, when you reach into your wallet, or for the phone to make a donation. Please stop and think of all the animals that aren’t being helped by these groups. Think of the lowly opossum. Think of what you would do if these not so cute animals were cute after all.

I think every one needs to stop and think, how hypocritical ” Dolphin Safe Tuna Nets ” are.

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