The Uprising


We are anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

Muse – Uprising

Seems there are quite a few people all over the world that have had enough. Fed up with local, and international governments overstepping their bounds, and ignoring the laws they were sworn to uphold. These people are Anonymous, they are faceless masses hunkered down within their own beliefs that the worlds governments have repeatedly, and willfully usurped the power of the masses through fear, hate, and the spinning of truth to suit their desires for all encompassing power.

Recently there have been scare-tactic type of news reports that a ” hacker ” group named Anonymous have been ” defacing ” government and political figure webpages, and social media accounts. To be blunt. Some of the Anonymous group have, and will probably continue to do so. But to label an entire group for the actions of a few is what has brought out the massive groups ire towards governments, politicians, corporations, and main stream media.

Main stream media is at most to blame here. Cow-towing to the political pressures. Feeding false, unsubstantiated, and oftentimes politically spun diatribe and opinion as news has led to the national, and international debate being swamped with people like:

Ann Coulter


Who’s Hate-speeches, and hate-mongering have helped with turning reputable news sources into media-frenzied sensationalist with no real news to report unless they can spin it towards their own political or financial goals.

I say good for Anonymous. They are doing what the people have asked of so many, and received from no government. They are forcing accountability unto the media, and government officials who, for too long, have not been forced to deal with their own mistakes, greed, and opposition to truth, life, liberty, freedom, and justice.


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