The Great Facebook Lie!


Don’t let Facebook lie to you.. They just want your information to sell.

Facebook recently locked me out of my account, with no explanation, and asked for a scan, or image of my government issued photo ID.. However, they state you should cover up any information other than birth date, and name.

I complied with Facebook’s ransom demands, and sent in a copy of my photo ID with all information but photo, birthday, and name blacked out. 3 weeks later i get an email from Facebook saying the photo ID is fake, and to re-submit without blocking out any information.


We received your ID but couldn’t use it to verify your identity.

Please reply to this email and include a copy of a different form ID as an attachment. Be sure not to cover up any personal information that we need to verify your identity
(ex: social security number, address, license number).”

I once again complied, this time with my driver’s license instead of photo ID, however, i once again covered up my address, license number, signature, and social security number.
The response i got from Facebook 4 days later floored me….

We can’t help with your request because we’ve determined the ID you provided isn’t real.

Facebook requires everyone to represent their authentic identity, so you always know who you’re connecting with. Please respond to this email with an unaltered valid ID so that we can help you.”

Since my Drivers License contains all the information any hacker, or other unscroupulous individual would need to hijack my identity, such as my name, address, Drivers License number, signature and social security number, i refuse.

Facebook has essentially started holding random people’s contacts, photo’s, conversations, and other information hostage in order to get as much personal, and sensitive information as possible. I assume so they can then sell this information onto their advertisers.

There’s absolutely NO credible reason Facebook should be requesting this type of information. After all they are NOT a banking institution!

If you still feel you “need” Facebook. I suggest you do the following:

  • Make a weekly backup of your information (Facebook allows you to download your data)
  • Never use Facebook as you only method of login. Some sites allow users to “Login with Facebook” Make sure you create a REAL account with the site and login with that, instead of Facebook.
  • If you MUST play games on Facebook. Be prepared to lose all progress if Facebook locks your account out.
  • NEVER give Facebook or any other online institution your sensitive personal information. Any information that can be used to steal your identity, access your bank, or any information that can be used to create accounts, get loans, or sign up for services. Even banks do not ask for personal, identifying information online. Why should you trust Facebook more than your own bank?


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