Republicans.. Are they really that stupid?

fuckinbushHere’s what’s on my mind today: I’m kinda upset at the Democrats who say that it isn’t “proper” for The President to use Romney’s record at Bain Capitol as a part of his campaign rhetoric? Why Not?

If Romney is making his business experience, and record of successes as part of his stump speech, I believe the President has every right to use that same material to demonstrate that Romney has No connection to the Average citizen, and with Romney’s support of the radical Republican Budget proposal, the Public has every Right to see just where another Republican Administration would take us.

Yes, It would be Nice to go back to the Eisenhower Era, when the Nation was still feeling the growth of the Post-war years, and the Baby Boomers were in their Infancy, But, that’s no more possible than the trips Marty McFly took in the “Back to The Future” movies.

Where Romney want’s to takes Us is back to the Bush/ Cheney years, when the Wealthy had all the advantages possible, and the Welfare System had to be reborn to take care of the disintegrating middle class.

The Republicans want the Voters to see the slow growth of the economy under President Obama, and ignore the fact that the Bush years created the financial disaster, the republicans almost filibustered us into bankruptcy as a country, and that Obama faced the Bush financial fiascoes on his first day in Office. The Truth is, that it’s an amazing fact that we have any growth at all, given the Worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression.

What Really, Really pisses me off, is that Romney has even tried to claim credit for the Auto Industry’s amazing comeback, saved by the very same Bail-Out that the Repub’s have bitched about since day one! These same Idiots have tried to sell the idea that Obama-care is a mess, and a huge burden on small business, which is keeping them from growing new jobs, when every fact points to lowering Health Care costs in a more competitive environment. Not to mention ” Obama-Care ” is actually just ” Romney-Care”! Another Great thing that’s happened, is that Families with children with Pre-existing conditions are now being covered in Health Care Policies for the first time ever, so there will never be another Family losing everything because of Medical costs of one of their loved ones. All this, and yet most of the Benefits of so-called Obama-Care don’t even go into effect until 2014!

Republican’s would like everyone to think they are on the side of the little man, the working stiff, but all efforts by the republican’s tend to only exacerbate the issues that plague the everyday working class citizen. They would like for everyone to believe that they stand for virtue, honesty, and religious strength. Yet at every turn, it’s THEIR religion they wish for you to adopt and adhere to. While flailing their arms wildly at the pulpit, and announcing the corruption of American morality, they sneak off and greedily erode corporate tax laws in favor of corporate loopholes, and tax breaks for the rich. Contrary to Republican and tea-publican belief’s. America was NOT founded on religious indoctrination. Quite the opposite, America was founded on the belief that everyone has the right to serve and worship their own gods, and deities. To follow their own moral codes of conduct and religious belief systems. Yet at every turn the republican’s have insisted, and attained many laws in many states that flatly go against the grain of the constitution. So called ” Sin Tax ” and criminal laws that do nothing but further the right-wingers. The so called ” Moral Majority ” are nothing but a bunch of bible-thumping rich white people lobbying for stronger laws to enslave everything to follow the laws and words of their invisible man in the sky, and get rich doing it.

We aren’t even going to get started with how the republican’s have changed the laws to make it easier on them to gain ground on their agenda. Key example, let’s think about the changes to the political voting system used to pass bills and legislature, where once you needed 50 votes to pass, now you need 60. Let’s take a minute to think about the constant filibustering that has been happening. Let’s think about the way the political system has been gamed at every step to ensure the republican’s can force their perspective on things. The Republican way of doing business has now come down to ” it’s our way, or no way “. If you don’t approve their political effort, they’ll make sure yours has no footing either.

So again, I’ll ask you. Republican’s, Helpful? Or just plain power-mad money-hungry bigots with no self control, and no morals?

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