Republican Attempt at Buying or Stealing the election.

democracysoldPhoto ID’s at the polls is unconstitutional, and serves only one purpose. To keep the poor from voting. The laws are unconstitutional as they put undue burden upon the voter, as well as attempt to circumvent the voter taxation amendment. While they are not in and of themselves a direct taxation. They do cost the voter time, and money.
Some states charge for documentation such as Photo ID’s, Birth Certificates, and Social Security Cards. The latter two being required in most states to even get a photo ID.

In some states, such as Indiana, the birthplace of the voter id law, require a person to have a photo ID to get a social security card, and require a social security card to get a photo ID. This means that in the state of Indiana, getting a photo ID is extremely difficult. Add to these gauntlets of bureaucracy, the time, effort, and cost. To get a photo ID in the state of Indiana can take up to a month in time if by mail, and cost around $23 for documentation. This does not take into account the expense of getting to and from these locations (health department for birth certificate, social security office for SS card, and BMV for photo ID) This also doesn’t take into consideration any wages lost due to missing work in order to be at these places when they are open (usually 9am – 5pm mon – fri)
Subtract this loss of wages and fees from a person getting by on minimum wage, and you end up with someone choosing between voting and eating. If you add to this equation any medical ailments that require prescription drugs or supplies, you now have a person trying to decide between voting, eating, or getting sick.

When you take into consideration that in recent years the actual cases of voter fraud have been less than 1%. These new Voter ID laws go against common sense, and any sort of ethics. The only conclusion a rational person would make is these laws are intended to keep certain groups from being able to vote. This is another point of contention, and is emphatically unconstitutional. Discrimination by any means is still discrimination.

Republican’s are infringing upon YOUR rights to vote. They think if they can keep the poor from voting, they will win. Perhaps, but the bigger picture here is the determination, and ethos behind the republican party.

While mud slinging, and negative campaigning has become the norm, the new tactics of the electoral process have hijacked the national debate away from the average American citizen. With the advent of Super-PAC funding, corporation and lobbyist now have the ability to adversely affect the outcome of elections simply by drowning out their opposition’s message. Here’s a more in depth look at the tactics being utilized to circumvent voting laws, and outright change them to suit the republican party needs.

1) Tax-Exempt groups are being used to shield political gifts of Businesses.
(SOURCE: New York Times)

2) Republican dominance of Super PAC’s due to corporations attempting to protect themselves from laws or tax reform that may reduce their billion dollar profit margin slightly

3) Voter ID laws enacted to keep the poor from voting, as most studies show the poor predominately vote democrat.

4) Republicans are creating and funding large numbers of ” off the campaign ” committees to create and distribute ads geared towards two objectives
a) Flood the advertising space with ads to dilute opponents message
b) Flood the market with false information, or selective information in sequences to denote an adverse reaction to the opponent from the public.

5) Republicans have entered into a campaign strategy that is built upon lies and innuendo.
(SOURCE: Huffington Post)
Let’s just sum this all up for you:

1) Tax exempt groups include churches, charities, and organizations that are not-for-profit. These include Super PACs.

2) As we all know, most large corporations tend to lean republican. This means that Super PACs will always be dominated by the republican party, as these corporations not only spend billions to put republicans in office, but as an added bonus, these Super PACs are also ” non profit ” groups, meaning they can be used as a tax write-off as well.

3) Actual cases of voter fraud constitute less than 1%. This is obviously a ploy by republicans to remove a large percentage of predominately democratic voters fromt he electoral process.

4) By flooding the debate with negative ads, misleading ads, and the all too common ” conspiracy ” ads, republicans hope to instill fear, and hatred towards democrats. The same fear based tactics used by Bush to run up debt, deregulate the market, bail out the criminals on wall street, and start a war in Iraq.

5) Republicans rely on the tactic that if you tell a lie enough times, from enough sources, people will begin to believe it. The truely sad part of all of this, is they have been lying so long, i really believe they believe the lies.

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