Broken Dreams. Broken Heart. Yep… Broken Computer.

So ya.. It will be a bit before I’m back online.


The Great Facebook Lie!


Don’t let Facebook lie to you.. They just want your information to sell.

Facebook recently locked me out of my account, with no explanation, and asked for a scan, or image of my government issued photo ID.. However, they state you should cover up any information other than birth date, and name.


Wasted Time.

Hourglass-CloseupWasting Time on the internet…

It has come to my attention that many of you on Facebook are searching for something to do with your time. The reason i say this, is you spend hours every day, frittering away valuable time on the internet. You accomplish nothing more than entertaining yourself, passing the time, gossiping about celebrities, and reposting the same memes that have made their circulation on Facebook hundreds of times.

So today, i’m going to challenge you.
I’ going to show you a way of wasting your time that might actually be beneficial to someone other than yourself.


The world we live in.

f2when the dream comes crashing down
and reality crashes in
as your life crushes bones
this is the world we live in
this is the world we live in