Ramblins of Madmen, and the Internet that loves it!

20madman-blog480The internet is a strange and wonderful place with little pockets of crazy, and disturbing tucked in here and there. Yet, it is OUR internet. We make it what it is. We the people, are the content creators, the advocates, and the grammar nazi’s. All of us do our part to make the internet useful, entertaining, and insightful.

Don’t let the government turn OUR internet into THEIR tracking device.

STOP the new versions of SOPA / ACTA

The government is TRYING to tell us that the laws, and reforms contained with their anti-piracy laws are to protect intellectual property. If you read the actual wording, it gives the government broadening powers to censure the internet, and to create a digital police state, where anything, and everything will be collected, stored, and utilized for prosecution, oppression, and social engineering.

Remember when you said ” at least it’s not china ”

well.. if they keep passing these laws, we soon will be china, minus the economic expansion.

Get involved, write your senators, congressmen, and DEMAND your internet stay free of governmental control.

The sad truth of the matter is, media companies have been LYING to everyone. They claim 40% – 50% – 60% even 70% losses due to internet piracy every press release, blog post, or corporate lobbying speaking engagement they get. IT’S A FLAT OUT LIE!!

There’s no way to KNOW what your losses are due to internet piracy, because there’s NO way to KNOW how many pirated copies there are circulating, and NO way the KNOW how many copies were actually downloaded.

Simply put, if you don’t know how many copies there are, and don’t know how many people have these copies, and you can’t honestly tell if your revenue stream has gone down due to piracy, or other legitimate digital media outlets, then you can’t claim internet piracy as your sole cause for loss. Especially when you manufacture crap bands with shitty music, and sell it as ” the new top thing ” when hocking it to radio stations, or producing craptastic films that would make watching the grass grow on a chia-pet ballsac more interesting.. Case in point.. ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

So.. Mr. and Mrs. Asshat Media moguel. Before lying to everyone about how much loss is caused by internet piracy, while simultaneously posting record profits quarterly. Why don’t you back the fuck up, get out of politics, and get back to making REAL music, and REAL movies, cause the rest of your shit stinks.

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