Arduino CNC Project.

!!! NEW !!!
I’ve decided to release my arduino source. Hopefully, others can improve upon it, and send me their improved versions, and ideas. It’s always good to give back, no mater how small or insignificant. More info at the end of this post.

Day 1

Received the components now to play 😀

3x EasyDriver v4.4 breakout boards
3x NEMA 23 Stepper Motors
1x Funduino Uno R3


Creating a new plugin!

wordpress-logo-20So i have a shoutcast server.. Have for years. Been manually writing scripts, and js to embed customized links and players into my blog / pages / websites for ages.

Photoshop Boredom.

Photoshop_CC_iconSometimes.. i get bored… so bored… i open Photoshop…




[RAWR] – Random AI Response Weighting

Artificial-Intelligence01_WebRandom AI Response Weighting [RAWR]

lets say a situation calls for the AI to interact.
first we narrow the response pool down by drilling down to the core issues of the situation.


Late Night Sketching…

Late Night Sketch Session