Republicans.. Are they really that stupid?

fuckinbushHere’s what’s on my mind today: I’m kinda upset at the Democrats who say that it isn’t “proper” for The President to use Romney’s record at Bain Capitol as a part of his campaign rhetoric? Why Not?
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AfterEffectsA friend owns a company called Vistastorm. I made this video for shits-n-giggles just to show him what could be done relatively fast. I took the inspiration from the TNT Network’s logo.

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Toying around with Dobby

dobby_6_01We’ve all seen the movies, or most of have seen them. Harry Potter made friends with a house elf named Dobby..

Well, i want a house elf too.. only this one can’t do my chores for me… yet… (go go internets.. make my CG become realz!! )

anywho.. i decided to play around in 3dsmax, and rig up a dobby mesh and animate it.. as you will see, this just just a rig test, and the arms / hands aren’t morphing  correctly, but the main rig is in place, and i can tinker with it a bit later…and now… the video!

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