Obama Will KILL YOU!!

cispaOK.. let’s sum up the president’s state of the union:






1) The country is stronger than ever
2) We’re under attack by cyber criminals, we need help fighting them
Breakdown in Logic: If we are stronger than ever, why do you need to spy on americans to combat cyber crime against the infrastructure?
3) Secretly signed into law the CISPA act which was killed by popular vote
4) Cried that everyone deserves a vote
Hypocritical Logic:
CISPA another name for SOPA, was killed in the house, and senate, because it gave unilateral power to the executive branch to spy electronically on every american, including text messaging, cellphone listing, phone tapping, internet caches, search history, IP tracking, email reading etc etc etc.
The president signed this into law yesterday, and kept it a secret until today. Effectivly BYPASSING popular vote, then cries osome old nag waiting in line to vote like everyone else, when he doesn’t actually care about the vote?

5) Called for MORE gun controls
6) Says drone attacks against US Citizens would be more transparant
Idiocracy in action: Lets take guns away from the citizens, then shoot at them with unmanned drones without any judiciary oversight.

7) Obama says $7.25 minimum wages = 14,500/yr, proposes increase to 9/hr
8) Calls for future spending and budget increases to military and security spending
Breakdown in reason: Obama fails to deduct taxes from the equasion, meaning 1/3 of that 14,500 goes to the government in taxes. Increase in military spending will lead to more debt, more rights infringement, and more of a military state.

Things the president didn’t speak of:
1) Bradly Manning, in prison for more than 1000 days without trial, longest prisoner in the history of the united states held with out due process.

2) Obama did not mention any details stating exactly under what circumstances are drone strikes against US citizens to be applicable.

3) Obama did not speak of the legal limbo required to execute a US citizen with drone strikes without judicial oversight. I.E. he can order drones to kill an american citizen without needing a judge to sign a warrant, without the person knowing he is targeted, without the person being able to stand in a court of law and debate his innocence, or debate the legal nature of his own execution.

If we weren’t a police state before, we are now.

Azimov’s writings were meant as a warning, not a howto book.

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