Erosion of Freedom.

The mentality of people about government spying and police arrests and detention of people for what they say has to change. There are too many americans saying things like ” if you aren’t doing wrong, there’s no harm ” or ” If they say it’s for my protection it’s OK if i lose a few rights”. To me this sort of mentality is defeatist, and illogical. The government has abused every power they have been given without exception. The government has a historical record of attempting to control the people to maintain the power they have, and have gone out of their way to acquire more power than they need.

A quote i recently read puts this particular struggle into perspective:

“They came for the Jews, I wasn’t a Jew so I did nothing.
They came for the blacks, I wasn’t black so I did nothing.
They came for the men, I’m not a man so I did nothing.
Now they’ve come for me”

Inaction can be a crime against a civil society trying to keep it from becoming a tyrannical one. Exercise your rights, ALL OF THEM, or lose ALL OF THEM. It is sad that so many people had to die for freedom to exist and so many just freely give it away.

Stand up for your rights, even if you don’t exercise them, others do.

Freedom of Privacy is under attack.
Freedom of Speech is under attack.
Freedom of the Press is under attack.
Freedom of religion is under attack.

Freedom itself is under attack.

Stand up, and do your part, contact your senator, governor, mayor, and any one else you need to. Express your concerns of your loss of constitutional rights. Express the dire need for legislative reform on laws that actively infringe upon your rights, or do not exclude activity that may. Express the dire need for reform on laws that are being manipulated and misused to rob you of your rights. A case in point is the ongoing internet surveillance of emails, social media, and browsing habits being collected by governments under the ” wire tap ” laws. The law in question allows the government to record phone numbers of people you call if you are under suspicion, but denies the government access to recording your phone calls unless a warrant is produced. However currently this tactic is being used to read and gather your emails from your email provider without warrant. It is also being used to gather data about the websites you visit, and posts you make on social media networks such as facebook, twitter, myspace etc. This is a blatant misuse of power because the proper steps needed to do this type of surveillance require a judge to consent to this invasion of privacy.

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  1. Usually the best method is to use search engines such as Google, bing, etc, and cross reference information. I usually gather multiple sources of information, then take a closer look at the historic accuracy of the sources before determining if the information is valid or not. Once I’ve collated several bits of information and sources, I’ll write the story, and outline the most reputable source(s) i have found.

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