I’m beaten and bruised
broken and bent
my life is misery
my heart is torment

I’ve fallen from grace
despair in my clutch
reality wanes
my madness the crutch.

these are my eyes,
they see black and white
the grey tones are gone
it fuels my torment
the color now sepia
this i lament

I’m full of pain
my hate for the past
mistakes i have made
a somber morass

so here are my tears
here is my pain
here lies my soul
buried again
covered by lies
like my smiling face
the tears that i cry
never touching my face

so see who i am
see how i bleed
feel how i feel
this is still me

SO see who i am
hear the desolation
i embrace the nothing
and hold tight the dejection

so see who i am
and really believe
the pain that i feel
comes from within me.

so see who i am
broken and bent
bruised by my mind
and battered by lament

so see who i am
look close if you dare
my madness contagious
my whisper despair

now that you see,
what will you do
will you reject me as crazy
or call me a fool

so here is my madness
plain for all to see
here is my horror
can you see what i see?

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