Creating a new plugin!

wordpress-logo-20So i have a shoutcast server.. Have for years. Been manually writing scripts, and js to embed customized links and players into my blog / pages / websites for ages.

Today, i decided to do away with all those scripts, and move to an already created plugin. Granted, i needed to edit the plugin files to suit my needs. The end result can be seen on the right over there —>

Net Guy Steve, the creator of the plugin has given me permission to edit the plugin, and has also given me access to improve it, and update it on the wordpress plugin database site as well. Gotta say, pretty awesome guy 🙂

So, now that i’ve added the option to display album art for the music playing, and added admin settings to enable/disable the album art, as well as set the size of the artwork. I feel i’m almost ready to upload it to the wordpress plugin svn. I say almost because i still need to tweak a few bits here and there, as well as address the fact that it seems to be conflicting with the CDN plugin i use to embed my video content. But alas, that may resolve itself if i can find a better CDN software to use, as Kaltura seems to be pushing for a payed hosted subscription platform, verses self hosted. The reason i think that’s their goal, is even though Kaltura is free to download and install, it doesn’t appear to recieve any real measure of support, updates, or ease of use features. It’s almost like they are intentionally misdocumenting proceedures, and intentionally flubbing up internal hard coded settings.

They also have a plugin for wordpress (i mentioned it earlier) It as well uses cryptic hard coded settings that have absolutely no documentation associated with them, and attempts to trick users into signing up for Kaltura’s pay CDN service.

Any who, a bit off topic i know but sometimes i just need to rant.
As soon as i get the plugin completed to my satisfaciton, i will link to it in this article as an update.

DISCLAIMER: First let me just tell you, i’ve used just about every CMS and blog setup known to man. I really love wordpress. Timely updates, highly customizable, and best of all.. IT’S FREE!!
That nonsense out of the way, i am not affiliated with, payed by, nor endorsed by wordpress.

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