Voters – Idiots, or Superstitious?

idiocracy-sarah-palin-conservative-republican-idiot-political-poster-1260238634Conservatives. Answer me this: Why do conservatives vote against their own interests? I recently read an article that states conservatives vote towards their ” moral compass “. To say they vote for the candidate that most encompasses their moral, or religious values, even though the candidate stands for tearing out, or demolishing everything they think are good.

Take social security, or medicaid. A large portion of the conservative base is baby-boomers. Old enough to collect on social security, and medicaid. They utilize these government institutions for everything from hip replacements, to prescriptions. Yet when it comes time to pull the lever, and vote for a political candidate. They will inevitably vote for the person that has committed themselves to deconstructing these very institutions that do so much for them.

Religious, or superstitious voting isn’t anything new by any means. What is new however, is the lengths these same voters will go to to spread the word of their candidate, and to conveniently sidestep any political, or moral shortcomings said candidate may have. Take for an example Mitt Romney, the republican candidate running for president of the united states office. I have seen a multitude of politically charged attacks in his favor towards Barack Obama. However, i see very little in the media, or social web-sphere in the opposing direction. Even though Mr. Romney has shown himself to be a capitalist vulture (taking over dying companies, then leveraging them to the hilt with debt, and forcing them into bankruptcy while taking bonuses and pay dividends from said companies.) He has several off-shore tax-haven bank and savings accounts, some with millions of dollars of untraceable, nontaxable income. He has demonstrated his propensity for waffling on every issue from healthcare reform to abortion. Sometimes even in the same statement. Yet for moral, or superstitious reasons, he still manages to hold sway over conservative voters.

Now don’t get me wrong here, Obama’s about as bad as democrats get. His healthcare act is simply Romney-Care, and he’s demonstrated no backbone whatsoever when it comes to dealing with the filibustering happy conservatives on issues such as tax reform, and government spending. But there is a lot to be said about what he has accomplished despite caving on almost every dispute with the conservatives. Despite the worst economical disaster since the great depression, and in spite of being involved in a large scale war across many countries, he’s managed to stem the tide of job loss, and job creation is on the rise.

Back to the topic at hand, and the key component of this article. Conservatives tend to look at their political choices on moral clauses, and gut reactions, rather than look at the choices on a per-issue bases.If we are to ever have a civilized society, where the spirit of the constitution is upheld, then this is the type of voter we need. If conservative, and liberal voters would take the time, and spend the effort to actually discuss, and inform themselves on a per-issue basis. I feel there would be a more intelligent political process in place. As it is now, we only have the major politically biased media outlets, usurping true, and factual news reporting with ” opinion ” spots.

The internet, with all of it’s quirks, and nuances, muddy the waters more than they help clarify the situation. With biased, and often unchecked facts plastered on a majority of supposed  online ” news ” outlets. They have clambered onto the same bandwagon as major media. Using their platform as a way to impress their political ideology onto their readers. and often, without substantiated facts to back up their claims.

So again, with all sincerity I ask voters, Do you vote because of your religious / superstitious beliefs, or do you vote for the best candidate based upon proven record, fact, and intelligently gathered information on a per-issue basis?

I personally feel, if you vote based upon  religion, or superstition, rather than the current issues that are being debated, you do more harm to yourself, and the country you profess undying loyalty to, than if you were to become a suicide bomber yourself.

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