Erosion of Freedom.

The mentality of people about government spying and police arrests and detention of people for what they say has to change. There are too many americans saying things like ” if you aren’t doing wrong, there’s no harm ” or ” If they say it’s for my protection it’s OK if i lose a few rights”. To me this sort of mentality is defeatist, and illogical. The government has abused every power they have been given without exception. The government has a historical record of attempting to control the people to maintain the power they have, and have gone out of their way to acquire more power than they need.

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Republican Attempt at Buying or Stealing the election.

democracysoldPhoto ID’s at the polls is unconstitutional, and serves only one purpose. To keep the poor from voting. The laws are unconstitutional as they put undue burden upon the voter, as well as attempt to circumvent the voter taxation amendment. While they are not in and of themselves a direct taxation. They do cost the voter time, and money.
Some states charge for documentation such as Photo ID’s, Birth Certificates, and Social Security Cards. The latter two being required in most states to even get a photo ID.

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Why Windows 8 Sucks

windows_8_sucks1_2720714After giving windows 8 a test drive during the developmental stage, I found windows 8 to be very different than the normal windows OS we all know. The UI named “Metro” seems to have been developed for touch devices such as Tablets. I decided i would wait, and see what Microsoft did with the scathing reviews it’s received before actually publishing an account of the horrible OS’s UI Design.

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Voters – Idiots, or Superstitious?

idiocracy-sarah-palin-conservative-republican-idiot-political-poster-1260238634Conservatives. Answer me this: Why do conservatives vote against their own interests? I recently read an article that states conservatives vote towards their ” moral compass “. To say they vote for the candidate that most encompasses their moral, or religious values, even though the candidate stands for tearing out, or demolishing everything they think are good.

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