Just a little motivational image :D

motivationI think we all need to spend a little more time focusing on the human condition. We all strive so hard to fit into society, to be accepted, and most of all to be loved. We all choose a different path in life, love, career, and hobby. But in the end, we are all doing our best to make it day to day, living in our own worlds, feeling isolated even when we’re not alone, feeling insecure, but putting on a brave mask, and facing the horrors the world offers us.

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Tuna safe Dolphin Nets

Ever wonder why they make  ” Dolphin-safe-tuna-nets ” and not the reverse?
I have. It came to me as a concept several years ago, when I first started seeing all of these ASPCA and Humane Society television advertisements.

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Ramblins of Madmen, and the Internet that loves it!

20madman-blog480The internet is a strange and wonderful place with little pockets of crazy, and disturbing tucked in here and there. Yet, it is OUR internet. We make it what it is. We the people, are the content creators, the advocates, and the grammar nazi’s. All of us do our part to make the internet useful, entertaining, and insightful.

Don’t let the government turn OUR internet into THEIR tracking device.

STOP the new versions of SOPA / ACTA

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Erosion of Freedom.

The mentality of people about government spying and police arrests and detention of people for what they say has to change. There are too many americans saying things like ” if you aren’t doing wrong, there’s no harm ” or ” If they say it’s for my protection it’s OK if i lose a few rights”. To me this sort of mentality is defeatist, and illogical. The government has abused every power they have been given without exception. The government has a historical record of attempting to control the people to maintain the power they have, and have gone out of their way to acquire more power than they need.

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