My Lonely Friend

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I give you my Heart.

i’ve broken down
see how i bleed
the pain is there
it’s what i need

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A Drop of Water

drop+of+water Some would ask ” how can i change the world, i am but a single drop of water in the endless ocean” To that, i say, what is an ocean, but a multitude of single drops.

Stand up for what you believe in. If you stand alone, others will be curious, and ask, and they may also choose to stand with you. And when people see a group of you standing, and in their curiosity, they will ask why you stand, and some of them may also believe, and join you in the stand.

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Welfare vs Corporate Welfare


OK… To those of you who consistently, and constantly regurgitate the same republican rhetoric over welfare programs that you call ” entitlements “.

Let us have an honest discussion about welfare.

On one hand, you have services such as medicare, and the food stamp program. Which, while a drain on tax reserves, does serve the honorable purpose of helping those in need.

Then we have ” Corporate Welfare ”
Tax loopholes, laws, and mechanisms designed for the sole purpose of boosting business bank accounts, and limiting tax liabilities for these companies.

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