A Drop of Water

drop+of+water Some would ask ” how can i change the world, i am but a single drop of water in the endless ocean” To that, i say, what is an ocean, but a multitude of single drops.

Stand up for what you believe in. If you stand alone, others will be curious, and ask, and they may also choose to stand with you. And when people see a group of you standing, and in their curiosity, they will ask why you stand, and some of them may also believe, and join you in the stand.

Drop Falling into Water

This is how an ocean is created, and with movement, a wave, and as the wave gains support from other drops of water, it will become a tsunami. There is nothing more important than the idea. No one person can be the tsunami. No one person can stand against the torrential onslaught of the multitude of drops. The enormity of the tsunami has nothing to do with it’s volume, but rather, it’s force of will. It’s persistence. The drive forward. As those in the front become chaotic, and drained, those from behind will help push the tsunami. It is here we see the unstoppable idea. Here is where the power of the people reside. Here is how we sweep away the old, and wash the world with our idea. This is how change happens. As the tsunami washes in, those not strong enough to stand under the weight of the collective drops will be swept away. What remains will be clean. Washed. What remains will already be soaking in the idea. Absorbing it. New seeds of hope will germinate in the ground. New ideas. New hopes. New dreams.


This is what i means to stand alone. This is what it is to be part of an idea. A movement. To be a single drop, in an ocean. To be part of the change.

So to those who say, ” i am only one person what can i do?” . I say you can stand. I say you can become a part of the movement. I say you can push the idea. Wash the ground clean, Plant, and germinate the seeds for a better future. I say you can help make the change.

All you need to do is decide to stand.


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